Kotion Gaming Headset with Mic - GS800 Bundle

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Includes (1) Kotion GS800 gaming headset and (1) HipShotDot red dot sight for gaming

Tired of hearing only what your TV speakers can produce? Have you never been impressed with the sounds you can get out of your average computer speakers? A Kotion headset is the way to go, because it delivers both amazing input and output.

There are three good reasons why people pick gaming headsets over any sort of external speaker. First is the sound, because even affordable gaming headsets can bring you more of a game’s soundscape than most external speakers. Second, sometimes you want to keep the noise down, like if someone is sleeping or you live in a apartment. Finally, gaming headsets allow you to speak to your squadmates so that you stay together as a team.

It’s this last part that’s the most important to people, and why so many are looking for the best affordable gaming headset available. Everyone on a team needs to stay in constant communication, because if you have seven other people on your team then you have 14 more eyes on the board. Where’s the sniper? Who’s in control of the only power weapon on the map, and where are they? Are your opponents controlling both choppers? Time for everyone to look for better cover.

This package isn’t just about sound, though. When you grab the GS800 bundle and HipShotDot, your sights are about to get a lot better...literally! The red dot aim assist lets your eyes lock onto you in-game reticle faster by placing a USB-powered red dot over the top. No matter which weapons you’ve selected, you will always have that red dot showing you right where the shot’s going to go. Place our red dot aim assist on your enemy, pull the trigger, kill, and move on to your next victim! To learn even more about the HipShotDot and how it works,click here.

KotionGS800 Gaming Headset

  • Hear the entire soundscape of the game. Not using a gaming headset is like playing on a 13-inch black and white television...you’re missing out on so much!
  • Stay in contact with your teammates and you’ll play a better game...it’s as simple as that.
  • Use a comfortable gaming headset and you’ll be able to play for hours. An uncomfortable one makes you throw it across the room after 10 minutes.
  • Great for music and movies as well. Keep the noise low so your neighbors won’t complain.

HipShotDot Aim Assist Advantages

  • Make your gaming reticle stand out with a red dot aim assist.
  • This red dot sight for gaming hooks up to a spare USB port on your game and never runs out of power.
  • Reduce the need to zoom and re-aim with every shot. Never get taken out of your zoom just because someone shot you!
  • Get better at Fortnite and make your opponent wonder just how you got so good!

  • Transmission distance: 10m
  • Working voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging voltage: ≤DC4.7V-6
  • Speaker diameter: φ40 millimeters
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms

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