Kotion Gaming Headset with Mic - G9600 Bundle

Includes (1) Kotion G9600 gaming headset and (1) HipShotDot red dot aim assist

Why do you game? Unless you’re one of the few people who make money from it, you probably do it because it’s a lot of fun. But far too many people don’t get the full experience that the game designers intended for one simple reason: they’re only hearing half the sound. When you play with the best gaming headphones around, you’re able to get so much more out of the game.  

Of course, enjoying yourself is only part of it. You also want to dominate as much as possible. Have you been wondering how to get better at first-person shooter games? Or, if you’re like seemingly half the planet right now, are you asking yourself how you can better at Fortnite? You might be surprised at how much a comfortable Kotion gaming headset can help. First of all, it’s going to make you more aware of the environment around you. When a Warthog is bearing down on your position, a television’s speakers probably aren’t going to tell you which way to run to get away from it; the best surround sound gaming headsets can. Second, when you have a great gaming headset you’re going to be able to keep in touch with your squad better. When everyone knows which window the sniper is in, you’re all going to be able to target them sooner and send the camper packing.

Of course, headsets can only take you so far when you want to come out on top of a match. Get active with a HipShotDot red dot aim assist. This red dot sight for TV gaming attaches to your screen and draws your eyes directly to your reticle, making it easier to take a bead on your opponents one after another. Your teammates will wonder why your stats just keep climbing.

This bundle get you a Kotion G9600 gaming headset and our red dot sight for gaming. Grab it and you won’t believe how much more fun you’ll be having while boosting your K/D spread!

Kotion G9600 Gaming Headset

  • This comfortable gaming headset is great for gaming, but that’s not all. It’s also an excellent option for listening to music and watching movies without blasting the volume.
  • The best affordable gaming headset you can buy, allowing you to stay in constant contact with your teammates and being aware of your gaming environment.
  • Kotion offers comfortable gaming headset for hours of play; you’ll completely forget you’re wearing them!
  • Hear your enemies coming before you pop out from behind the corner with shotty!

HipShotDot Aim Assist Advantages

  • reticles are small for a reason; game designer’s want to make it harder for more power weapons to aim. Our red dot aim assist lets your eyes find your target faster.
  • Zooming is just one extra step, one you can often skip on many weapons when you use the HipShot red dot.
  • No scope, no problem! Get better at Fortnite and other third-person shooters when you fire from the hip with the HipShotDot!
  • No one will ever know you’re using it! Is it cheating? Well if they’re beating you, they’ve probably got a red dot for TV gaming of their own.

  • Transmission distance: 10m.
  • Working voltage: 3.7V.
  • Charging voltage: ≤DC4.7V-6
  • Speaker diameter: φ40 millimeters
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms.

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