Kotion Gaming Headset with Mic - G7500 BUNDLE

Includes (1) Kotion G7500 gaming headset (choice of blue or red) and (1) HipShotDot red dot aim assist

We don't have to tell you that things get frantic in first-person and third-person shooters. You're constantly scanning the screen looking for enemies, searching for weapons, and trying to navigate the landscape to your greatest advantage. Turn a corner and run into an enemy? You need something they don't have.  

What kind of advantages can you get over your opponents? First of all, you can hear them coming with Kotion headsets, the best budget gaming headphones around. You'll be able to hear someone coming from behind, or know which direction that chopper is coming from so that you can get your rocket launcher on it faster. And let's not forget about staying in contact with your squad, because missing an order means that you're not in the right place. Until you've gamed with a good gaming headset, you never know what you're missing, and Kotions are the best affordable gaming headsets out there.

Of course, the advantages you'll get with a red dot aim assist can't be overstated. Game reticules always stay right in the middle of the screen, and game designers purposefully make them smaller and hard to see on certain weapons. That's where the HipShotDot comes in, letting your eyes find your sites faster when the action gets heavy. Just put the red dot aim assist on the target, pull the trigger, and repeat. It's so much easier to take a bead on running opponents with our red dot site for TV gaming.

Now it's time to put them together with this bundle. You'll be able to take in the soundscape with the best gaming headphones for under $100, and our HipShot red dot will increase your K/D overnight. Give them a shot; we know you won't want to game without them!

Kotion Headset

  • Perfect for playing games, watching movies alone, and listening to music
  • Stay in touch with your squad with excellent sound and voice transmission
  • The best budget gaming headphones for FPS and TPS
  • Use Kotion headphones as a Fortnite gaming headset

HipShotDot red dot for TV gaming

  • Find your reticule faster with an always-on red dot aim assist
  • No scope headshots become a lot more common
  • Zoom a lot less and kill a lot more!
  • 8-foot cord makes it easy to plug into your favorite gaming console.
  • Transmission distance: 10m
  • Working voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging voltage: ≤DC4.7V-6
  • Speaker diameter: φ40 millimeters
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms.

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