D-Series Death Dot Pack

The D-Series is a non-LED crosshair decal, made for all gamers, all guns, and all consoles. Find your edge and stay locked in. Our clear decal increases your accuracy during hardcore game play, even over long distances. The D-Series works with TV screens or PC monitors, and makes our flagship product—HipShotDot—safe for any screen. Aim and fire—faster, farther, with fuller confidence. 

  • Increases your hip fire accuracy while improving your overall KD ratio
  • Can be used standalone or with HSD for max performance
  • Easy to apply, remove, and use again—without leaving any marks
  • Compatible with all shooter games—first or third person
  • Dial in your Quick-Scoping, No-Scoping, and Hard-Scoping 
  • Available in multiple options—Care Pack, Tech Pack, Milspec Pack, or Pro Pack—and three colors: red, green, or yellow
  • Works with all gaming consoles and PCs

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