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Take Out the Bad Guy Before He Takes Out You!

Reusable aim sights train you to center your shot -- every time, naturally, and effortlessly.

• Improve your K/D ratio
• Increase your hip-fire speed & accuracy
• Run-and-gun with confidence
• Target around corners in third-person
• Perfect your no-scope, quick scope, and hard scoping

Match Your Crosshairs to Your Game

Just because you're a sniper/shotty in Halo doesn't mean thats what you do in Battlefield. Swap in the aim sight that fits your role.

Even better - you match your favorite genre.
Military? Sci-fi?
There's a style for your type of game.

Pick The Color For You

Been using red for a while and think a change might help? Yellow or green might be the answer.

Depending on your game, room environment, and eyes, you can pick what works for you to gain the edge!

Easy to Swap Out & Reuse

These stickers are easy to put on and remove. So you can use them over and over.
When you switch games, it's no problem swapping them in just a few seconds.

Quality Material & Engineering

• Precision printer by computer-aided machinery.
• Mild adhesive backer designed for reuse and screen protection.
• Crystal clear transparent polypropylene material.
• Oil and UV resistant.
• Won't leave marks on your screen.

D-Series Crosshairs

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Real Reviews of the D-Series

Everything That Goes Into Creating
the World's Best Decal.

We spent over a month consulting with multiple experts in design and
printing to create the D-Series.

The number one goal?

Quality decals that attach and remove easily over and over with zero
harm to your TV or monitor.

Finding the Best Way Stick

We tried multiple base substrates before landing on what we use today.

Some tapes will leave a residue. Or you may even scratch your monitor
or TV while trying to remove basic tape.

Self-clinging decals, such as holiday decorations for your room window,
don’t work on computer monitors at all.

Finally we found a mild adhesive backer that works perfectly. It can
be used multiple times as long as you take care of it.

Highest-Quality Printing and Suppliers

We tried online services for "stickers".

The quality wasn’t good enough.

It turns out the best option was right here at home.

Our current printer uses state-of-the-art printing machinery. The
alignment is perfect
. And they’re local. Right here in Holland,

Our material supplier, also local, creates labels and decals for Fortune
500 companies.

Gamer-Focused Crosshair Designs

We wanted to make sure we offered enough aim sight decal styles per
pack for you to appreciate and value.

All styles being inspired by gamers and game genres.

And designed by our talented graphic designer, who is also an avid

D-Series Crosshairs

Order by midnight (EST) ships next day

Free Shipping over $25
Free Priority shipping over $50
Free 3-day International Shipping over $100



It works on both!

This is made from a mild, safe adhesive specifically designed for use with your beautiful (and expensive) monitor or TV.

Self-clinging and static does not work well for non-glass surfaces like most monitors.

Yes. The decals are easy to put on, take down, and swap out again and again.

To remove the D-Series decal, simply peel the decal off your screen. The best method is to use a playing card to gently get under an edge.

When you’re not using a decal, put it back in the original packaging. This protects it from dust on the sticky area.

Choose the color that works best for you. It’s going to depend on how your eyes react to different colors. And the type of lighting in your room. 

Red is a good default. But you might prefer the green or the yellow to match the dots you’ll find in a lot of real-life scopes. 

Some customers swear the green stands out like it’s actually glowing.

Or match to your genre: Red crosshair overlay stickers for modern-day games. Yellow or green for games with futuristic or alien-based weapons.

Afraid not.

This supplements certain disadvantages you may have.

This won’t make you a pro overnight. It will help you train your sight if you put in the hours.

The decals are a great, inexpensive gift that give the gift of more fun and game enjoyment.

Since it works for any console or game, you won’t need to know exactly which your gift recipient plays.

Plus every time they see it on their screen, they’ll remember who gave it to them.

The HipShotDot does work great.
You may want to get the D-Series decals if:

● You have a smaller TV or computer monitor below 32 inches. The HipShot is too big for these, but these fine-lined hair decals are perfect.

● You want to match the design of these aim sights with your game genre.

● You already have a HipShotDot and want to use it on a monitor. Please use only the Death Dot to create an airtight surface.

● You like to have a barrier between the screen and your HipShotDot.

● The red LED of the HipShotDot just isn’t your style.

Absolutely not. The adhesive used is mild and non-destructive.

In fact, the decals are designed to help protect monitors.

There’s two different line thicknesses:
●  1.0 (thinner line weight). Best for gaming monitors.
● 1.5 (thicker line weight). Best for TVs.

Yes to both.

Because these are decals that go on your monitor or TV, it doesn’t matter what console you have or what game you’re playing (as long as the game sights don’t move)

We ship anywhere in the USA (where we’re based). We also ship worldwide (international shipping outside the USA) through DHL’s shipping network.

We only use DHL 3-Day Express for all international shipments to locations within DHL’s network. If you live in an area where DHL can’t currently access, we won’t be able to ship to you! 

Zero Risk. Guaranteed.

No Questions Asked

So many gamers have great results with our products.

We're confident that if you give is a fair shot for 30 days, you'll be playing better.

We'd rather have you happy that you at least tried it. Even if it didn't work for you.

If you're not happy for any reason at all, send it back to us fo a complete refund.

You have nothing to lose - except your next matches until your product arrives.

We can only offer this guarantee for US shipping customers.

Hassle-Free Returns.

US Customers Only:

Lots of businesses claim to have a hassle-free return policy.

But here's what a hassle-free return policy actually looks like:

1) Enter your order number
2) Choose return
3) You'll get a return label to print
4) Attach the label and send!

That's it!

You'll never even have to talk to us.
(But if you want to, we'd love to hear from you!)

International Return Policy

Unfortunately, we can't offer the 30-Day Guarantee policy to any locations outside the United States. The cost of international shipping makes this impossible.

However, if the product is defective within the first 90 days, we will send you a replacement!

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As a gamer, I know there are way too many fly-by-night companies out there -- the kind that take advantage of gamers with false promises.

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Tim Murphy
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D-Series Crosshairs