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D-Series Milspec Pack


Milspec Crosshair Decals

As powerful as snipers are, they have a big problem: actually hitting the target. In most cases you have to find your target, zoom in, and then re-acquire them while they’re running. All of that takes extra time and readjustments. Sure, you might be good at it...but what if we told you that crosshair stickers for your monitor could make you better? We all love a good no-scope headshot, but getting one is the exception and not the rule. Let’s make it the rule!

With our crosshair decals for FPS and TPS, you’ll be dominating with your sniper. Turn your inaccurate, non-zoomed sniper into something even more deadly with the Milspec pack!

Pick Your Pack - The D-Series Milspec pack is our most specific packet of monitor crosshair stickers, featuring the most common reticles used in snipers. No matter what your game of choice is, these overlay crosshair stickers are going to give you the option you’re looking for. (And when you switch back from sniper to a secondary weapon, this pack is still an excellent option for keeping track of the center of your screen.) Looking for a different pack? You’llfind them here.

Which Color Should You Choose? - The color you choose is really just up to you. The accuracy with which designers create real-world scopes might be cool when you’re playing a campaign, but it’s not so important when your goal is to dominate a map you’ve played a hundred times before. Red is the most common choice, but green and yellow can really pop off the screen.

A Sticker For Every Occasion - Since these stickers work with every console and every FPS game, we have no idea what you’re playing. Lots of people are stopping by to get better at Fortnite, but by the time you read this Fortnite could be old news. The good thing is that you’ll get your choice of nine stickers to fit your style of play and the game you’re playing.

Don’t Forget The Red Dot Aim Assist!

These stickers can make a big difference in gameplay, but you can up your K/D ratio even further with the help of theHipShotDot!


  • Shoot from the hip without the need for zooming or bringing up iron sights
  • Crosshair decals leave no marks on the monitor or television screen
  • Apply, remove, and reapply these crosshair stickers over and over again.
  • Wondering how to get better at FPS and TPS? Theses crosshair sticker overlays are the easiest way to get better at Fornite, Halo, COD, GOW, and hundreds of other games.
  • Dial in your quick-scoping, no-scoping, and hard-scoping.  
  • Are these crosshair overlay stickers not the ones you’re looking for?Click here to find the Death Dot, Care Pack, Tech Pack, or Pro Pack..
  • Our crosshair overlay stickers work with all gaming consoles and PCs, TV screen and computer monitors.
  • Get even better at first-person shooters and third-person shooters by pairing it with aHipShotDot USB-powered aim assist.


Works with hundreds of titles.

The HipShotDot is great for any first-person or third-person shooter.

Small Dot. Big Effect.

• Stay focused & get on target quicker.
• Better no-scope, hard scope and quick scoping.
• Improve ADS. (Aim Down Sight Speed)
• Strengthen your run-and-gun style.