Kotion Gaming Headset with Mic - G5300 BUNDLE

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Includes (1) Kotion G5300 gaming headset (choose red, blue, or white) and (1) HipShotDot red dot sight for gaming

With so many games limiting you to two primary weapons, you've probably heard of the phrase "lethal combos." These combinations of weapons complement each other, making them staples of many games. Combinations like shotty/sniper and shield-takedown/one-shot can be some of the most effective ways to dominate.

There's another combo you should be using, and that's the Kotion gaming

headset with a HipShotDot. When you get a Kotion headset with our red dot aim assist, you're not only able to communicate with your teammates better, but you're also contributing more to the team by getting more kills! They're going to wonder why your K/D shot up overnight, and you'll be able to talk to them and tell them why with one of our comfortable gaming headsets.

Wondering how to get better Fortnite and first-person shooters? This bundle is a great start. The headset allows you to dive deeper into the game and hear the soundscapes that the game designers intended. Our red dot for TV gaming just helps you enjoy the game more, simply because you're dominating and dominating is fun! Grab this combo today, get better tomorrow.

Here's why our gaming headset and aim assist bundle is the first step to game domination.

Kotion G5300 Advantages:

  • A Kotion headset is perfect for playing games, listening to music, watching a movie quietly, etc.
  • Mic allows you to stay in contact with your teammates, which means better strategy and warnings about enemy movements

HipShotDot Advantages:

  • Our red dot aim assist lets you take a bead on your you victims faster and with less thought. Shoot, kill, repeat!
  • The HipShot red dot draws your eyes to the reticle, meaning you'll be blasting enemies no matter how tired you are or how bad your eyesight.
  • Red dot aim assist sticks around even if an EMP takes out your sights.
  • Instantly make any weapon more accurate with the help of the HipShot red dot.
  • First Person Shooter Tip: With the HipShotDot, you can choose the accurate weapon that normally requires a scope and not have to worry about zooming in.

Transmission distance: 10m.

Working voltage: 3.7V.

Charging voltage: ≤DC4.7V-6.

Speaker diameter: φ40 millimeters

Impedance: 32 Ohms.

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