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D-Series Tech Pack


Tech Pack Crosshair Decals

We’re not going to say something stupid like “there are two types of people, those who like sci-fi FPS and those who like real-world FPS.” Everyone we know plays both at one time or another.

So when youare playing something set in the future, this pack of crosshair overlay stickers is for you. Not only can they improve your gameplay by making it easier to see your gaming reticle , but these crosshair stickers can improve your gaming experience by matching the design of the game. These crosshairs attach to your screen in seconds and come off just as easily. Use them again and again!

Pick Your Sticker  - This pack is an excellent option for futuristic weapons or for air combat, and you get 9 options to switch out so that you can find your favorite. If you decide this isn’t the pack you’re looking for, find our otherD-series crosshair stickers here.

Choose Your Color - Color is a personal choice. If you want to go traditional, use red. If you want something even more futuristic, go with green. You’ll be surprised at how much the backlighting of the monitor makes these glow!

Dominate!  - These crosshair overlay decals just make the entire process easier no matter your type of gameplay. They allow you to shoot from the hip while still knowing where your crosshairswould be. They make it easier to find your gaming sights during a fast firefight, bringing your eyes center even when everything else is whipping around. How did your opponent get better at first-person shooters? This could be their secret.

Pair It With HSD!

Want to get even better at first-person shooters and third-person shooters? The HipShot red dot is the answer. Plug in ourred dot aim assist into a USB port, attach it to the screen over your monitor crosshair sticker, and start ruling the map.


  • Leave your iron sights down and still know where your bullets are flying.
  • Our crosshair stickers are designed to leave no marks on TVs or computer monitors.
  • Apply, remove, and reapply these crosshair stickers over and over again. Switch out depending on the game you play and your gaming style.
  • Wondering how to get better at FPS and TPS? These crosshair sticker overlays are the easiest way to get better at Fornite, Halo, COD, GOW, Battlefield, and hundreds of other games.
  • Dial in your quick-scoping, no-scoping, and hard-scoping.  
  • Are these D-series crosshair overlay stickers not the ones you’re looking for?Click here to find the Death Dot, Care Pack, Milspec pack, or Pro Pack..
  • Works with all gaming consoles and types of monitors (television and computer).
  • Get better at Fortnite and every other shooting game by pairing it with aHipShotDot USB-powered red dot aim assist. (Stickers arerequired when using HipShotDot with a computer monitor.)


Works with hundreds of titles.

The HipShotDot is great for any first-person or third-person shooter.

Small Dot. Big Effect.

• Stay focused & get on target quicker.
• Better no-scope, hard scope and quick scoping.
• Improve ADS. (Aim Down Sight Speed)
• Strengthen your run-and-gun style.