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D-Series Death Dot Pack

Death Dot Crosshair Decals

Not every reticle is coded the same.

You probably don’t think about it much, but some in-gaming reticle sights are better than others. While you’ve probably noticed that they might be designed differently in order to match real-world weapons, you probably haven’t noticed that, by making some of your sights harder to see, it’s much more difficult to take a bead on your opponents...especially when you’re not zoomed in or scooping.

That’s where our D-Series Death Dot crosshair overlay stickers come in. The beauty of FPS and TPS games is that they always keep your reticle at the very center of the screen, even as everything else around you is moving. Since your sights are always in the exact same location, it’s easy to make them even easier to see by putting a crosshair decal on your screen. This decal will draw your eyes, making it easier to keep your enemy in your sights.

Pick Your Pack and Color

Which crosshair overlay sticker is right for you? Red is a good default, but some people prefer the green or the yellow to match the dots you’ll find a lot of real-life scopes. Others prefer the red crosshair overlay stickers for modern-day games while saving the yellows and greens for games with futuristic or alien-based weapons. It’s also going to depend on what type of lighting you have in the room, and how your eyes react to different colors. Some customers swear the green stands out like it’s actually glowing.

Add A Red Dot Aim Assist

Want to make full use of these crosshair decals? Get ourHipShotDot and game like a pro! These monitor crosshair stickers make even computer monitor screens safe to use with our LED red dot aim assist. The death dot pack is the least obtrusive of all crosshair decals, so if you’re using a computer monitor and are primarily using the HipShotDot for your kills, then this is the pack for you.


  • Use these crosshair decals to increase your hip fire accuracy while improving your overall K/D ratio
  • Maximize your performance by pairing it with aHipShotDot USB-powered aim assist.
  • Leaves no marks on the monitor or television screen
  • Apply, remove, and reapply over and over again.
  • Wondering how to get better at FPS and TPS? These monitor crosshair decals are the answer.
  • Dial in your quick-scoping, no-scoping, and hard-scoping
  • Looking for different crosshair overlay stickers?Click here to find the Care Pack, Tech Pack, Milspec Pack, or Pro Pack.
  • Works with all gaming consoles and PCs


Works with hundreds of titles.

The HipShotDot is great for any first-person or third-person shooter.

Small Dot. Big Effect.

• Stay focused & get on target quicker.
• Better no-scope, hard scope and quick scoping.
• Improve ADS. (Aim Down Sight Speed)
• Strengthen your run-and-gun style.