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D-Series Care Pack


Care Pack Crosshair Decals

This D-Series Care Pack of FPS and TPS crosshair decals is our most versatile and varied pack, an excellent choice for anyone who is well-rounded at gameplay. While our crosshair stickers for TVs and computer monitors will work with all consoles and all shooting games, this is an excellent option for anyone who likes to switch up their gaming style and doesn’t have a specialty. (Not that there’s anything wrong with having a specialty. Unless you’re beating us. Then we don’t like your specialty.)

Choose Your Pack - This is the perfect pack for someone who likes to play a lot of different roles in different games. Still, if it doesn’t look what you’d use, you can check out our othercrosshair decals.

Pick Your Sticker - You’ll get simple and complex options with the Care Pack. Three snipers up-top, AOD and trailing options in the middle, and simple “put red dot on what you want to die” on the bottom.

Grab The Right Color- Which color is right for you? That’s not something we can tell you. Red’s the most obvious choice, but the backlighting of a television or monitor can make the greens and yellows of these crosshair decals really pop.

Switch It Up - Just because you’re a sniper/shotty in Halo doesn’t mean that’s what you do in Battlefield. These stickers are easy to put on and remove, and you can use them over and over. When you switch games, it’s no problem switching your stickers in just a few seconds.

Grab a HipShotDot to Dominate!

The perfect complement to our crosshair overlay stickers is the HipShotDot red dot sight for gaming. It plugs into any USB slot and draws your eyes to your gaming reticle . You’ll always know where your sights are, even if you’re shooting from the hip! Grab ourred dot aim assist and get better FPS and TPS overnight!

  • Leave your iron sights down and still know where your bullets are flying.
  • Our crosshair stickers are designed to leave no marks on TVs or computer monitors.
  • Apply, remove, and reapply these crosshair stickers over and over again. Switch out depending on the game you play and your gaming style.
  • Wondering how to get better at FPS and TPS? Theses crosshair sticker overlays are the easiest way to get better at Fortnite, Halo, COD, GOW, and hundreds of other games.
  • Dial in your quick-scoping, no-scoping, and hard-scoping.  
  • Are these D-series crosshair overlay stickers not the ones you’re looking for?Click here to find the Death Dot, Care Pack, Milspec pack, or Pro Pack..
  • Works with all gaming consoles and types of monitors (television and computer)


Works with hundreds of titles.

The HipShotDot is great for any first-person or third-person shooter.

Small Dot. Big Effect.

• Stay focused & get on target quicker.
• Better no-scope, hard scope and quick scoping.
• Improve ADS. (Aim Down Sight Speed)
• Strengthen your run-and-gun style.